are you having trouble losing weight and melting that stubborn belly fat?
What if it isn't your fault? It could be your hormones...

What Makes The CarbMelt System Different From The Rest?

The CarbMelt System utilizes a comprehensive multi-step approach to weight loss and fat burning, by first addressing the underlying hormone issues that have been preventing you from losing weight.

The CarbMelt System - Better Together!

Wether you're taming uncomfortable, all over body fat, stubborn belly fat (cortisol) or both, the one-two punch of CarbMelt and BellyMelt can help you take control of your weight like never before!

If you're ready to lose weight and melt off belly fat, this plan is for you.
Welcome to the CarbMelt System!

     Hi! Dr. Tammy here — Fitness and metabolic expert, best-selling author, and founder of CarbMelt™️. For more than 20 years, I (Dr. Tammy) have been best known as the "hormone queen" for my expertise in bio-identical hormone therapy. I have appeared on Fox, CBS, NBC and, and various other media outlets.

     I am passionate about inspiring you to live your healthiest life and I personally have devoted 30+ years doing just that.Maybe you just want to become leaner and more fit, but nothing seems to work. And believe it or not, I know exactly how you feel. I've been there and it's not fun. I was once 80 pounds overweight, depressed, and lost all hope despite the restrictive dieting and over-exercising, until I understood the chemistry behind and the power of Hormone Balance...

     I just couldn’t lose weight and was tired and hungry all the time. It wasn’t until I understood the science behind how the metabolism works that I found hope. Now I’m 30 years older and in the best shape of my life despite an under-active thyroid, compounded by female hormone issues I've had my entire life...

     That is until I discovered hormone balance.

     There’s a diet being touted and a gym on every corner, so why does our nation keep gaining weight? The reality is that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. The fact is if you’re over 30, have any kind of health issues, or are too busy to find the time to eat right and exercise, you probably won’t lose weight until you forget everything you’ve learned about eating for weight loss and tried a new approach.

    To get your body to release excess fat and allow weight loss to happen, you must first address the underlying issues that caused weight gain.

     Join the thousands of people who have experienced a whole new life through the power of taking back control of your hormones!

Dr. Tammy Tucker - "The Hormone Queen"

Dr. Tammy is a family practice physician, author, host of the popular television program, "The Naked Doctor Show" and creator of CarbMelt and BellyMelt. 

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